Fox Bluff fire

6) when I'm feeling sad

It looks like a candle started the apartment fire on North Street Saturday. Fortunately no one was killed or seriously injured. The building, by far the nicest of the three apartment buildings on that stretch of North Street, appears to be a total loss. One has to wonder how, in this age of sprinklers and smoke alarms, could something like this get so out of control so fast. Fortunately many residents were away at the time, but so were the nearest firefighters. Fire Station One is just a block away but they were on another call at the time.

I didn't hear about the fire until the next day because I was watching the Packers beat the Falcons instead of the news. There was plenty of coverage though. It's very sad. To go from living comfortably one minute to losing everything including a place to stay the next. It's a 30 apartment building and most all of them were rented at the time of the fire.

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