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Tribute to the American Worker


The United States Department of Labor Web site conveys:

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Walker's Whoppers


It’s been a year since the Journal Sentinel partnered with PolitiFact, a Pulitzer Prize-winning fact-checking operation, to form PolitiFact Wisconsin. (The Journal Sentinel joined the national PolitiFact network on Sept. 5, 2010).   In an attempt to hold politicians accountable for what they say, politicians’ statements are rated on the PolitFact Truth-O-Meter scale as True, Mostly True, Half-True, Mostly False, False, and for the most outrageous—Pants on Fire.

During that short time, PolitiFact Wisconsin has rated two statements by Scott Walker, whom the Journal Sentinel had endorsed for Governor,  as PANTS ON FIRE  lies.   The most recent was Walker’s Aug. 15, 2011  claim that a new college tuition reciprocity agreement with Minnesota “makes college education more affordable for Wisconsin residents”--- when the truth is actually just the opposite. 

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NB School District in the News

New Berlin Schools, NBPS Administrators, School Board

The District of New Berlin got a lot o publicity during Paul Kreutzer’s comparatively brief time as NBPS Superintendent,  often due to repugnant situations, such as a disturbing sexting and “sextortion”  scandal involving numerous Eisenhower students/  one student reportedly committing heinous crimes (including sexual assaults at the school) which resulted in a 15-year prison sentence,   Eisenhower football players urinating in public during halftime at a JV game at Pewaukee High School,  a coach’s DUI /controversies,   New Berlin West students getting caught drinking while on a Zoo field trip, etc.

The  District  also received considerable media attention when Gov. Walker--- with NB Superintendent Paul Kreutzer at his side---held a press conference In May 2011 defending  his 2011-13 biennial state budget and the proposed cuts to education. The Wisconsin Association of School Boards called the $900 million cut the largest cut to public education in modern Wisconsin history. 

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Theme of This Saturday's Fighting Bob Fest is "Class Warfare....Fight Back"


The Tenth Annual  Fighting Bob Fest will be held this Saturday, September 17 at the Coliseum at the Alliant Energy Center in Madison.

Fighting Bob Fest features progressive speakers, networking opportunities, and entertainment. This annual event attracts thousands of people and “strives to provide citizens with a forum for democratic participation where frustrations with current policies can be constructively molded into calls to action.”

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Re: Cindy Archer (Political Appointee/Walker Crony) and NB Teachers

New Berlin Schools, State

Blogging Blue’s September 19 blog post titled “Fiscal Conservatives--Crony edition”  contains  an intriguing reference to New Berlin.

The post is primarily about Walker crony Cindy Archer.

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Scott Walker, Eagle Scout

State, musings

Journal Sentinel columnist Dan Bice tells us Gov. Scott Walker claims to be a man of integrity and so, isn’t worried about a John Doe investigation of his current and former aides.

 “I know that throughout my career-first in the Legislature, then as county executive and now for the last 10 months as governor—I live by the standards I got from my parents,” said Walker, whose father was a Baptist minister. “ Certainly, they got me to the rank of Eagle Scout, and I continue to have that kind of integrity."

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