President Obama has regained his nationality in spite of his three non-Jeffersonian names and he has proved himself a patriot and leader from in front as well as “from behind.“ This, following all of the ancient fantasies of a royal wedding in London meant to end a nine-year period of virginity and purity.


Representative Ryan, lost his too, when the elderly whom he was claiming to protect turned on him and he also discovered that he was to represent everyone from his district in addition to the the birthers, the budget cutters and Tea Party guys—those under 54 as well. “Keep your filthy hands off our kids' Medicare.”


Speaking for those of us who seem to center more of our attention on Washington rather than on the financial interests of New York, those of New York like D' Trump, as well as his nationality and whether he was really born in a hospital, we'll move somewhat more toward politics


And on the subject of who deserves credit for the killing of bin Laden, the Republican presidents, all the way back to my hero, the first Republican president, Abraham Lincoln do. President Obama was in charge of this "operation" only for the past 2 ½ years.  Like a doctor, Obama deserves the credit for a successful operation.   


I'm sure the Republicans in the House will prove how the “trickle-down” whatever, how that economic fantasy is going to create more jobs in the coming weeks, more than Obama's stimuluses.


Now back to the subjects of cutting budgets and debts—doesn't that sound more enrapturing?


These “financial” discussions are all based on rolling back all of the socialist programs of the great commie, FDR.


He was so disgraceful in running and being re-elected for 4 terms, only to please the commies of this country, wow, in such an untraditional way, that we had to amend the constitution to limit terms to that office to two.


Of course two is enough. Even Wilson and Reagan began dying during their second terms,  Lincoln actually did, but by bullet.  .


Back to budgets and debts. Do we have to.  I've be suggesting that we take over all natural energy resources oil, natural gas, coal and whatever and use the profits to pay off the debt. Then we won't have to worry about budgets, debts and who gets the profits from high gasoline prices. Wouldn't  D'Trump do that?


Oh! I haven't mentioned the word Democrats throughout. I suppose that they will continue leading from behind in both Houses. They don't have a program for this country either. I wonder how they would react to the proposition of taking over our energy resources?


Meanwhile, for those of us in Wisconsin, Governor Walker is still at it, now hacking away at the education system for the good of the kids. He's not against education, it's just those overpaid school teachers.


For those of us in Shorewood, don't forget Monday at 6:30 pm, basement of the Library, update on sewer plans. From sublime to the . . . real realities.



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