What happens to all the private hospitals, manufactures of medical equipment, drug companies private hospital, suppliers and medical servicing agencies of all types, if we eliminated the various government payments for these services? Does the medical world really want privatization?


Perhaps they want subsidies similar to those of oil companies instead? What's the answer on this? Will all these agencies continue to make profit and create “JOBS, JOBS, JOBS?” Are health insurance companies going to end up selling more or less insurance under a privatized system ?


Aren't the American health programs already an integral part of what some people are referring to as the “corporate welfare system?” Do those who are against national health, care or know what they are doing?


Apparently not all politicians make good economists and perhaps do not know what's good for business. It seems that they should have heard from those businesses serving within the medical field by now or is empty ideology stronger than self-interest?


My health insurance company appears to be happy enough in paying all that Medicare does not cover. But it also charges me a “healthy” annual fee. I wonder if I could afford to pay the fee that would be required without Medicare and perhaps not qualify because of pre-existing conditions.


At what point would some of us who think we're now O.K., begin to think about insuring ourselves, perhaps in the same way as those who cannot afford insurance do, at the present time? Something seems a little bit crazy about eliminating the present system. Aren't we cutting our noses off by moving into a private system?


The word private has many synonyms, but "good" or even "profitable" is not one of them.  A few synonyms for private are clannish, snobbish, cliquish and reclusive.



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