Oil profits.



The oil companies believe, that not to give them special treatment, not to subsidize them is un-American. I suppose I own parts of some oil companies within my pension package, so I reap some of their ill-gotten profits, obviously not much.  I'm willing to give it up. 


I think now, that we are directly affected by their prices and are being made aware of these profits and that we are considered to be un-American that we take the “ill-gotten” element out of their un-American operations and Americanize the oil companies.


I see no way of paying off our national debt of 14 to 17 trillion dollars within generations to come. So now its time to share in the benefits of our commonly owned national resources. The Tea Party people are no help. So the opposite approach is to collect about 75% of the profits on oil


I'm not going to be around, but I'm sure that our grandchildren would appreciate our pay-down if not paying off the national debt within the next 16 years at a trillion a year. At one time we were collecting 90% from the highest incomes. So 75% on our oil resources isn't un-American. 'Looks reasonable.


I think we could also within our Americanization processes do something about making gasoline prices more steady and more reasonable as well.


Norway uses the benefits of its oil resources primarily to make sure that the nation gains from what is commonly held and that their social programs remain sound. What's the matter with us? Now that our Americanism has been challenged . . . The oil companies don't own all of us do they?



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