Voodoo economics.



Representative Paul Ryan from Wisconsin who is considering running for Senator Herb Kohl's senate seat has said as recently as today that we're living “in a country that is going broke.” Later this week, he's going to be talking in Chicago on the subject that “we are going broke.”


What is he thinking and what is he talking about? We know that most politicians are a little bit on the nutty side but why would he be crazy enough to run for Senator of a country that is going broke. His economic plan certainly would move us in that direction, then his delusion that we're going broke would come true.


Our oil companies alone are making enough profit annually to pay off our trillions of dollars of debt in less than 15 years. If we added some of the other energy producing firms' profit, natural gas and coal for instance, we'd pay it back in less than 10 years. Is this what he means by “going broke.”


Are the richest of his country going broke?


Average Wisconsin CEO pay rises 27%; for more than a dozen, raises exceeded 100%.” Does this look like we're going broke? Ryan wants to convert his mystical beliefs into a strange state of mind for the rest of us that Social Security is a work of the devil and the Medicare and all our medical programs came straight from hell.


Our three major auto manufactures are doing quite well as is Wall Street of course. Our banks have come out of what might have become a financial catastrophe. Our employment rate is rising slowly and has been rising within the last three months.


Are these signals that “we are going broke?” We might however, ask what industry and the Republicans are doing about creating jobs.  Their cry was JOBS, JOBS, JOBS during the mid-term election.  What has their mandate done about their promise of JOBS.


What does Ryan know that economist and the rest of do not? Ryan wants to create the illusion that we're going to hell in a bread basket because of FDR's programs and all the evil (commie) liberals that followed him into government and are there now creating all these devilish programs.


We would more likely be going broke as a government and not as country if we were to follow all of his programs of destruction of the American way of life which has kept us from sinking into another great depression.


This way of life is still sustaining us in an economy where gasoline is selling at $4 and will likely reach $5 before the summer's over. Social Security and Medicare have acted as economic sustaining forces under everything that was heading us toward depression.


What is it about politicians that make them economist upon election? As someone once said, some of these politicians are engaged in “voodoo economics.”  By the way, who said that?



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