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What fascinates me nonstop? The quirks and mysteries of everyday living. Sometimes the silly little things. Like now. I’m shopping at Whole Foods. It’s lunchtime. Hungry, I scoop some crystallized ginger into a bag, flame raisins into another, mixed nuts into another, so I can sit at the counter and write and nibble. The checker weighs my bulk purchases, first the ginger at $6.99 a pound comes to $1.05. Then the nuts at $6.99 a pound, they’re also $1.05! Then the raisins at $3.39 a pound, they’re $1.05!! How’d that happen? What are the odds? Am I just a consistent scooper?? I want to laugh out loud.

There are the not-so-silly things too. As I walk, bus, or bike I’m more aware of where I am than I would be if I whizzed through. I notice people caught in their heads in their personal vehicles, people almost not here. Many babble on cellphones or text as they cruise round the corner at Capitol and Oakland. Do they think about the fact that they’re riding deadly weapons that could erase any of us passersby at the slip of an eye? Yes, it’s what people are thinking that mystifies me.

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