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It's all about the students. That realization triggered a friendship between my husband Adolph and Jo Pulver which lasted over 40 years until she died last Friday. Adolph taught art at UWM, and Jo was the advisor for Fine Arts students. Whenever a student had a problem, with another faculty member, with grades, with scheduling, or perhaps with more personal issues, Adolph could depend on Jo to be the perfect intermediary.

And after she retired from a job she loved, Jo retained her ebullient spirit, even when she tread the winter sidewalks of Shorewood, well into her 80's, walking her lively little dog, Gypsy. In fact, as I read the letter I just received from the Dean's office about Jo, I'm suddenly aware of the appropriateness of that name, a Gypsy walking Gypsy. Here's the letter, which will give you a sense of why so many cared:

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