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I always get a kick out of the buzz at the Fitness Center right after January 1st. Many more feet on treadmills, many more arms lifting weights than in December. People work out with their resolutions fresh in their minds. Fresh faces, fresh resolutions, and by February most of them have faded.

I’ve never made a New Year’s resolution. It feels like procrastinating. Once I know I have to change my exercise routine, or change my diet, I do it. I see no point in putting it off till a new year comes around. I recognize that when the number of the year changes, people reevaluate their lives. I’d prefer to reevaluate on an ongoing basis and make changes whenever I realize they’re needed. If I can manage it. If, if, if!

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art, exhibits, winter

We may slosh through snow, and grouse
Avoid the blowing wind, by staying in the house
Wish we were down south, to skip winter time
in a climate, where each primate, is an artist of some kind
a scribbler or a fiddler, or a closet singer
a dancer or an actor, or a comic with a zinger
especially when we’re touched by, the Arctic’s icy finger...
So whither shall we flee?
From gallery to gallery
on the 15th of January
I think I’ve got it right, Friday the 15th is Gallery Night!

Again! I’ll sit at a table with our show, Adolph likes the couch in front of his balcony, Eli will be somewhere near his exhibit at the back of Artasia, and Joe Boblick, our guest artist, will host his reception in the revolving gallery.

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FRAMED? updated!

Shorewood, incident

“What’s happening?” The Pick ‘N Save checker wasn’t asking me; she was asking the air as she watched a frantic woman gesticulating on the other side of plate glass.

Everyone in the check-out area migrated towards the front. The woman in the window was trying to get help for someone.
“...on the way...”

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