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Arms and legs bare, the two coeds sat directly on UWM grass and smiled at each other as they chatted. I slowed my bike. Would they glare at me or thank me if I said something? I kept going. The usual Pesticide Application Keep Off the Grass signs were posted, block after nauseating block, and one stood not far from the girls.

I'd already received a nut-case look from a woman when I asked her if she knew pesticides were toxic for dogs. She told me she knew. Her dog, feet in the grass, gazed at me.

This a public institution using public funds to poison the public!! First chance I got I went to the UWM website, found the feedback page for Chancellor Lovell, and wrote this: I was extremely disappointed to see as I biked past UWM on Saturday that the entire campus was blanketed with a dose of toxic pesticides. This is not the example an educational institution should set for the community nor the way you should treat your neighbors. No citizens would want anyone to dump hundreds of pounds of toxic chemicals in the center of town, yet residents and even UWM spray these chemicals in their own back and front yards, actually distribute chemicals known to present serious health risks to humans and wildlife. The UWM system has professors, like Warren Porter in Madison, who test pesticides and know the damage they cause, know it's unethical to use them. I hope you will reconsider this dangerous practice.

Here's the chancellor's phone (414) 229-4331. Please write or call!!

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