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Atwater, art, drawings

Where have I been these days? All around town, sometimes even beyond the boundaries and into Milwaukee, Riverwest, Bayview, or pedaling on the bikepath to some sort of predetermined destination. Or dancing at the free concerts in the parks.

What haven’t I been doing? Writing.
What have I been doing? A lot of drawing.

I decided to join the Cream City Illustrators art marathon for children's book illustrators, 26.2 artworks in 30 days (June 14 to July 14). I haven't written a children's book since my kids were younger than my grandkids, but the Marathon was fun, and I kept getting ideas for new children’s books that I’ll probably never write. I've thought about writing a graphic novel; maybe I'll begin with a kidographic!

Or maybe I’ll begin writing graphic blogs. I already wrote the first one. Three months ago. On the greenline bus. I haven’t had time to scan it on my recalcitrant scanner that shuts down completely after every scan. So for today, I’ll post a few of my marathon drawings that are already scanned. At least that’ll start me blogging again!

Atwater Beach

Redwinged Blackbird at Atwater Beach

Waiting for the July 4th Fireworks at Atwater Beach

Hula-Hoooping in the Park



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