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buses, Shorewood, poem

Does random imply meander, or meander imply randomness? Are events random as we meander through our day?

Like Friday, November 13th. Adolph took a bus to return a pair of shoes, couldn’t find the store, and came back home with the shoes. I biked over two miles to pick up some flyers, the flyers weren’t there, and I came home without them. Adolph and I rushed to the bus stop, arrived long before the number #15 was due, waited, and waited, more and more people waited with us, the bus never came.

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climate change, Earth Poets &, environment, events, global warming, performance, poem

Should I feel guilty about my delight as I survey my garden? My arugula, collards, lettuce, onion greens, hyacinth greens, all are still alive. My puny broccoli plants have fresh florets. And it’s November 23rd! Ironic. I fight for years to increase awareness of global warming’s dangers, then I revel in the extended growing season.

If humans weren’t destroying Earth, would I still write poems? Would the Earth Poets and Musicians still exist? Yes. We love living on this planet, can’t think of a better place, love to poetize and harmonize to Earth’s heartbeat. And that’s what we’ll do at the Miramar Theater, 2844 North Oakland Ave, at an Eco-Extravaganza on Sunday, Nov 29th, at 7 PM.

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