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When I was Adolph's first and only student fifty years ago, I thought it was a shame. He was such a great teacher, and I was the only one who got to study with him. I guess I can now say, "I told me so!" since he ended up teaching at UWM for 33 years and helped untold numbers of students learn to do their art from the inside outward.

In my blog about Adolph in September I wrote: "His students. That's why Adolph loved teaching. The number of talented young people in his classes amazed him." That was well before I organized the Rosenblatt Gallery show of 35 artists who studied with him. And when I look at that show, I understand even more completely what he meant.

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In August of 2009 I noticed an overlooked bag of manure lying in our back yard.

Too bad. My garden was its usual mediocre self; more manure may have made it less so. So, so, sow! I dumped the bagful into the middle of my sunnier plot, planted collard seeds into undiluted manure, and the seeds grew, more quickly and larger than anything I’d ever before planted in almost forty years of gardens.

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Each motion of the dancer flowed flawlessly into the next, like waves advancing or grasses in wind, and I sat entranced. Then it was over. The applause was enthusiastic, but not enthusiastic enough for the friend seated next to me. “What’s the matter with Milwaukee? In New York a performance like that would have brought down the house!” he exclaimed.

That was summer, 2008, at UWM. The dancer was Leonard Cruz, and when I googled him later that night, I found no additional Milwaukee performances scheduled.

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