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incident, samaritan, walking

Every day’s an adventure, and every adventure is a learning experience. Maybe. Last Thursday I planned to get up at 6 AM, walk a mile with Adolph to the number ten bus for a one-hour ride to Froedert, take a one-hour bus ride back to Shorewood after his appointment, then the same one-mile walk back home.

The plan changed once we were on our way. Adolph was walking faster than usual between Maryland and Oakland. And on the downhill trek between Oakland and Wilson, he was walking much faster than usual, said his balance felt off. I grabbed his arm, tried to control his speed, “We have plenty of time to make the bus,” I said. He slowed a bit, then accelerated. I hung on. We crossed Newhall, and he began to lurch forward, faster faster, I tried to tried to slow him stop him. He’s heading towards the grass, knows he’s going to fall, I suddenly realized as the sidewalk came up and smacked me in the face, and the grass smacked him!

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