Localizing national dreams and goals.


Localizing national dreams and goals.


The concepts of equality and freedom are two fundamental principles that formed the reality of our nation as we moved into a revolution that was engaged in by a few of those who lived on this land.


And since that time, for over two hundred years, we’ve been working at giving “operational meaning” to those two words.  While doing so, we’ve developed a great nation. 


Many of us, newly born in this land have sought to find the underlying energies that prevent us from closing the distance between these dreams and their reality.  Our two-party political system, especially at the national level has separated our paths toward these commonly held goals.  


Some of us as individuals within our everyday work and within various organizations, find ourselves fortunately living in small groups like Shorewood and Whitefish Bay, where we can make our voices heard and give our opinions to the notions of freedom and equality.


We can even engage in the “operational meaning” of those words through our closeness with our representatives, some who are our very neighbors.  But even at this level, these combined goals require a communal acceptance and practice.


We’ve found that up to the present time that our public school systems have provided us the best opportunity to work toward equality and freedom.  We can individually work here at the community level.  Let’s give these dreams our best.  Let’s give these goals the best in their full “operational meaning.”   

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