Two parties, but not two governments.


At this point in history we can say that a two party system, especially operating as it has doesn’t function well in representing the people and instead seems to be moving toward disaster as an organization and as a process of government.


Our system has become one where each party wants to move in the opposite direction of the other.  We have a diminishing number of congressional members who are willing to work together on issues where there is a great deal of agreement. 


And we can point to too few wise persons, the so-called wise men formerly found in both houses and in both parties. 


Our main political question should become what are we going to be doing about this congressional dysfunction instead of merely or mainly concerning ourselves with whom is to marry whom, when does life begin, should states withdraw from the union and how many angels can stand or sit on the head of a pin?


Of course most of these are real issues as well, but shouldn’t we also consider broader and other practical ones at the same time?


Are we an operative nation or a country similar to one where we are fighting in Afghanistan, a land made up of political tribes and semi-religious separate and sometimes intertwined clans?  


Our two major parties seem to be splitting up into splinter groups with minor and perhaps regional interests now seen more definably operating under the thin cloak of party without definable leaders, making it more difficult to view or establish substantial national goals.

 It seems that we’re approaching the stage of tyranny where we can unite only under conditions of war against a common enemy and often under an imagined one.


Is the main concern of party members to be found merely within the interest of these minor groups? What about substantial operation of sincere and honest government?


In the English parliamentary system the winning party is the government.  Which party is the government in the U.S. today?  Or do we actually have two sitting parties competing as to which is to govern?


A divided government does not mean that we can move in two decidedly opposed directions at the same time.  We must deal with this serious dysfunction.


We must at least return to minimal majorities and joint committees or establish a third party, perhaps a governmental party with an emphasis on functionalism, that is, making things work.  And working in that direction, shouldn’t we remove special interest money in the running for political office? 

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