We’ve sometimes been told that some stories are neither fact nor fiction.  As a child I often heard it said by a wiser member of the family that we should be careful to distinguish between fact and fiction, “what is real and what is made up.”


This is no easy task today when we are bombard with sales pitches constantly wanting to obscure facts with fiction.


On the other hand there are professions in the scientific fields wanting to come up with up facts, many to replace fiction. 


Yet we seem often to find comfort on returning to myths and fables in making daily decisions.  Many of these myths are based on traditions that are seldom examined as to their truth.


To give some practicality to this mini discussion, I propose one example that is both economic and political in nature, local property taxes and the base of that tax, the latter viewed, especially here in Shorewood as the goose that lays the golden egg.


What appear to be objects of gold especially eggs of that material may prove to be isolated or superficial perspective.  More on tax base in our next blog.

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