CHILDREN are like well-kept colorful gardens, they require plenty of attention and plenty of watering.


LOVE:  For childre, love is “plenty of soft and warm.”  

              For adults, more focus on plenty of  the warm and only a little soft.  

              And for the elderly, plenty of soft and even some warm if you please.   

              Simply and to repeat, “love is plenty of soft and warm.”


What is HATRED?  It’s like a fiery erupting volcano bent on never ceasing destruction.


How about SEX?  It and ice cream have many cautious similarities but different consquces that require serious consideration.


GREED is a brown-green sticky and awful tasting unremovable substance and those coming across it know never to put it in their mouth.  


WAR is infused in hatred resolved toward total destruction of all human good.


KINDNESS, although very desirable seems quite expensive.  It is not readily available nor is it a commodity that is all that well distributed.


What about envy?  ENVY has all the evils of hatred and war and comes packaged in a small chocolate form but prickly inside.


And GENEROSITY is the giving of little of oneself for another.  

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