Of course we must recognize and make known that all are created equal and there are nine judges above the rest, no more no less who must see to the measurement of equality.  Some of those formerly judged to be measured at three-fifths equal, women not considered in the count at all.


Let’s reflect for a moment on the resolute purity of the ordained constitution that meant to bring that equality. 


Before acceptance we recognized error in the original man written holy words,   immediately revising the errors, creating ten correcting amendments and wisely allowing for future corrections to be made by those now numbered and considered to be the holy nine.


The three-fifths through civil war and also by amendment now were counted as one.  Another amendment, much later also considered the humanity of women, licensing them also to vote, thus the self-renewing purity of the constitution was guaranteed.


The second amendment allowed for the civil war and for another one if necessary as munitions are accumulated and made at the ready.  Cession is a logical answer to the opposition to the constitutional government and to one of the constitutional corrections allowing for income tax, a forming tea party of another sort.


And today we seriously review these rights nearly become holy, such as separation of religion and state and the rights of those of the Muslin faith as well as those of other faiths.  


Many Christians strongly up hold the doctrine that the poor shall always remain with us and is guaranteed within various elements of their economic religions. Within the political perspective of the times, a short review of the history that led us here would seem of interest to some.


In today’s terms honoring father and mother might also be extended to include security for grandfathers and grandmothers. 


In the past not much reference was made in the church to making better lives for grandchildren through acknowledged methods for tax avoidance.  It’s become obvious that thousand of pages on income tax avoidance need reform.


But times move on and we hold doctrines to be more than just words and short reviews of this type are required to get citizens thinking.  

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