In contrast with other species on earth, our intellect gives us the ability to analyze everything around us, ourselves, every thing that touches us.  We are even provided abilities beyond what our senses seemed to have developed to deal with our immediate practicalities.  


I suppose most have always known this.  But not until this moment when these thoughts were put together in this manner did I know or even have this exact perspective.  What does it mean for humanity?  It means that we are conscious of oursleves, of others and of our universe and its extention in time and space and the limitation of life itself. 


It leads me first of all to see one more small side, one more facet, another aspect of who we are by merely putting these words to a meaning that they’ve never held before.  Writers are constantly inventing.


Whoever reads these words may reject and develop his own meaning in rejection or accept and shape a meaning of his own, but once having considered the words, they have imprinted his mind and together with all the other imprints have helped shape a mind like no other.


 This is of course, only one of humanity’s uncountable abilities.


In the exercise that we have just done together, we have created some thing never before present in the universe, one or more new observations, some new thoughts. 


In a sense, this type of newness, new thoughts make us who we are, able to change, even change who we are, like no other species, constantly observing and changing and in the long run unconsciously and consciously changing humanity itself. 

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