The unique grandeur of the human being on earth and in the broader universe, regardless of our abilities and accomplishments goes to waste in all the efforts put to war and that we have done throughout the ages. 


In contrast with other species, our intellect gives us the ability to analyze everything that touches and that is around us.  We are even provided abilities beyond what our senses and bodies need for practical existence. 


Humanity is the total of what all of us have been, what as a species and as “humanity” we now are.  Absent war and hatred we can become a grand civilization or civilizations.   Within reach, within our consciousness we can set grand goals to be achieved.   We must cease insane death producing competitions.


It is time to ask, why are we not doing this?  Why not now?  Why not today?


It is within the wisdom of ourselves for us to fly beyond the misery that we bestow on each other.  What a great spirit, what a great wisdom and what a great and a grand humanity could lie before us.

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