Much of what we learn of ancient “civilizations” is found in their remaining physical ruins and in their fragile writings. 


Yet in the permanency of their efforts, it seems that the little that we find was not intentionally to be passed on as their wisdom to future generations.  However those that follow glean knowledge there never the less.


We seek learning in their wisdom.  Perhaps a main stream of what appears to be our developing civilization should deliberately find a way to those who follow.   Would such an analysis make us self-conscious?  Good or bad?


 What we consider to be important and significant may tell us more about our own goals and objectives, this not only from our writings and from what we see as meaningful in our lasting physical forms.


As one with interest in cities and their architecture, were our civilization to end or begin to end today, what would be the wisdom that we would pass on regarding cities and city life? 


What have today’s developing countries learned from world wisdom on the building of cities?  Are the new cities of the world the summary of what we have to pass on as city wisdom to future generations?  

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