Lenny and I often have conversations after his long thoughts and his observations across our inland sea.


“It has been the claim of some thinkers that ‘the truth shall set you free,’” Lenny said.  


We believed that in following this thought then that it is suggested that the acquisition of knowledge is indeed one path, perhaps the only path to clearness of mind and as to reality and to truth itself. 


Therefore it would seem in seeking freedom that the acquisition of knowledge is that path to truth and the resulting effort its close relative. 


All truth is not to be found whole neatly wrapped in one package merely to be opened one sunny day, we agreed.  Gathering it would require much time and timely amounts of intellectual labor as evidenced by Lenny’s constant thoughtfulness.


It would also seem that most of us who put a great deal of faith in our Constitution and in the declaration of independence that led up to the writing of it, at least at one time believed that all men are born equal.


If we give close analysis to this thought, we know that this, according to Lenny “is more of a social desire than a reality,” perhaps, equality being a laudable and desirous condition but without truth in reality. 


 Perhaps this thought was difficult to live by in practicality, for most of the writers of these thoughts at the time owned slaves.


If truth is a reality, then a principle goal of humanity  might be our pursuit of truth. 


We both agreed that efforts toward attaining truth would provide modicums of intellectual freedom and that this would lead us, for one thing toward discarding the notion that all men are born equal, a notion without much weight in reality.


In a democracy then education is important, perhaps the number one goal and to be provided to everyone in accordance with individual need, each pursuing truth in order to be “set free.”  

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