I believe that the United States is in need of third party, a middle party.  In order to return function to our democracy, we need a strong middle party formed of people inclined toward the middle of the road political views that exclude the extremes of both of our present parties. 


If the Middle Party represented at least 35% of the voters, it would be likely that those of more modest views in the party of the left and the party of right would join in coalition with the Middle Party.  We would hope that over a relative fair period of time that the extremist of both parties would find themselves more or less on the sidelines. 


And over a longer period of time we might expect an evolving split in this new Middle Party, with people of more reasonable views forming left from center and right from center political views would perhaps then again form two parties of over- lapping and more judicious and more practical views.


We all know that this is what is required if we are not to have a permanently maimed government.  We cannot exist for many more years with extremist of both parties dominating the political function or indeed a dysfunctional government.


How to start?  Let’s begin by giving serious discussion to these possibilities and the means for making a middle party a reality.          

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