What do we do to improve the structure and the processes of government in Washington? 

(1) Limit the time in elected office in Washington to not more than six years.  Senators cannot serve more that one-term of six years, Representatives not more than three terms, a total of six years and the president limited to one six-year term. (This works toward eliminating the professionalization of Washington politics).

(2) Prohibit former Washington officials from working as lobbyists.

(3) Limit the funds to be spent on each type of campaign (outside funding for Senators and Representatives limited to and matching the funds made available through reasonable national financing and that amount to be voted on by the people and not more than one-third of the matching funds coming from one private source).

(4) Limit the time for campaigning and running for office to 6 weeks and not more than 8.

(5) Prohibit use of Washington contacts and related experience in any future job related to the use of these contacts and experience gained in Washington for a period of 6 years.

(6) In the next decade work toward the development of a unicameral legislative house, eliminating the Senate as a unit of government, the President then serving both as president and speaker of the house.

(7) When the dominating party is not more that 50% that represented by the president’s party, the president shall establish an administrative committee of ten selected from the members of the house, 5 from his party and remaining 5 representing the other major party or parties.  This committee will propose legislation to be considered by the house.  In the case of a tie vote within the administrative committee, the president shall cast the deciding vote, and

(8) The passage of any proposal submitted by the administrative committee or offered by any member of the house shall require only the simple majority of only 51% of those voting.  No super-majority voting processes of any kind should be permitted.  

Perhaps my suggested solutions are not all that appealing to many politicians and some people of strong convictions but unless these processes and elements of the structure change pretty much in line with these more or less specific suggestions, our great nation, it seems to me will be moving in the way of all former great nations and empires, with most of the decline coming from within.      

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