Today, May 15, 2013, I’m prepared to give up totally on Washington D.C.


This morning is the beginning of news superficialities on superficialities.  The IRS is an insane evolution, charged with managing tax avoidance rather tax collection as originally intended.


Political parties seek ways of attaining money for political purposes pretending that they are social workers, sisters in the nunnery.  The term “for security purposes,” a term out of fairly land is now being linked to first amendment significance, never even clear to the Supreme Court now becomes as real as a Starbucks cup of coffee.


Today, I would go along with closing down Congress for the next three months, cutting off their pay and perks during that time and sending all news people to the Bahamas to take time off to think about life.


I intend to shut off Washington for the rest of the day and find more useful things to do and think about.  ‘Good thing the sun is shinning.

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