Since I took one day off from Washington’s insanity yesterday, I’ve learned early this morning that Washington is back to its old sane self.  The President fired our head tax collector.  That sounds like good news, doesn’t it?


Why did the president fire our tax collector?  For collecting taxes or not collecting?  This is Washington, there’s no simple answer.


This is a reverse tax collection situation, something like a reverse mortgages.  He was not fired for trying to collect taxes or collect too much tax, he was fired because he did not efficiently enough help politicians in carrying out their tax avoiding schemes, that is because he was collecting taxes.  Simple enough.


We must get this straight.  The national head of tax collection is also in charge of tax avoidance.  He was caught giving tax avoidance privileges to his friends faster than to those he seemed not to like. 


That’s not too difficult to understand, is it?   Of course, it’s logical if you’re standing on your head, then it makes political logic, if the law being implemented makes any sense.


So what’s the law?  Here it is in a nut shell and that’s where it belongs:


“Any group of nuns collecting money from those with money needn’t disclose the names of the donors in their application for tax relief when the money is to be used in the social interest of political action having to do with promoting the interest and motivations for using those funds.”


The biggest problem in implementing this law is that nuns don’t wear habits anymore and are difficult to identify. 


“Yet it shall remain the duty of our chief tax collector to see that this is done as efficiently as possible.”


There you have it.  He didn’t do that, so he got fired.  What is there really not to understand?


I only have one question.  Who’s going to qualify as a replacement for the job?  That should give the president a real headache, let alone finding job creators who can create jobs.


I’m glad that I was able to clarify the whole need for tax avoidance and explain the urgency of tax avoidance to this country in our present economic situation.  

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