We see in nature many bull-like males among the species struggle and compete to mate.  I don’t believe that this struggle is for the purpose of the survival of the fittest, if that is necessary and whatever that may mean, nor for populating the earth.


Be that as it may, over periods of hundreds of years, humanity seems to have risen over the rape-like characteristics of other species.  For the present, relationships between individuals, at this level of humanity appear to have risen to the point where they are not only consensual but also caring and even protective.


We might consider rape as prohibitive in our society as murder.  After having done so, now it becomes a question of how do we work toward preventing murder and rape altogether?  It becomes a matter of conditioning and one where gentleness supersedes brutality and brutal competiveness within our society.


Hard competition and the struggle for individual superiority seem to play a serious role in the way we behave within our society.  It now becomes necessary to emphasize our gentle and protective side of human nature not only in our individual and private relationships but also in the care with which we treat each other generally.


Perhaps the improvement of our humanity is becoming more important than the expansion of our gross national income.  How do we expand kindness within a capitalistic system?


Isn’t what we refer to as humanity based on kindness, loving one’s neighbor, being one’s brother’s keeper, honoring our fathers and our mothers, “honoring and being our sisters’ keepers?”  Isn’t human life, the evolution of humanity the care for one another, love and compassion?  Without these characteristics our special intellect is wasted.

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