The major religions call for the best of what we can be as human beings and also call for the modification and the development of our behavior aimed at the improvement of humanity.  If our political parties could be imagined as to be so clever or naïve that they would compete to take on that role of improvement, how should they go about it?


Having gone this far into nirvana in just two sentences, let’s venture a bit further.  Let’s imagine we are considering a proposal before the Congress entitled “The establishment of the improvement of humanity fund.”


In its introduction, the bill proposes that we take on humanity improvement as one of our major national goals, outlining how we should go about it. 


One of statements made is that “considering the circumstances of war over the centuries, that we should seek to reverse this condition and emphasize the best of our human nature and begin with taking the sentiment of being our brothers’ keeper and carrying it out here at home.”


A significant statement in this section reads “as human intellect being one of the most essential characteristics of humanity not only individually but collectively, that we as a nation shall see to it that all our children obtain the best of education from the very beginning in fulfilling our national goal and in accordance with each individual’s need and this educational process remain a lifetime pursuit.”  Wow!


Just think that ample money be set aside just to carry out this element of our human improvement task, improving human intellect, here in our own nation. 


This we’ve already begun to do, often backing off, but now improving the cultural foundation of American education making it as natural as breathing.   


Let’s view and consider other elements of our humanity improvement goals in our next blog.

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