The basic interests of religions and science seems to be to understand who and what we are, what is our purpose now that we know life. 


We’ve traced this curiosity to the brain that we carry in our heads.  And through education we improve this treasure in each of us to collectively assist in giving meaning to life, in maintaining and improving civilization the product of our humanity.


Education becomes the total investment of who we are and protects the path that leads to who we shall become.  Therefore, there is no doubt that each of us is a precious vessel, some will say from the point of conception to our development in the womb and as we then develop into mature human beings.


It follows that the health of each us of must be assured to the greatest extent that our knowledge permits.  We are able to yearly extend the number of years that we live and therefore our usefulness to our society, our civilization and our humanity.  As we see ourselves in this perspective we cannot but protect each other and maintain each other’s existence in the most healthful manner possible.


Perhaps then, our health and care of our bodies is as significant as the assistance that we give to the evolution of a healthy brain.  A healthy body best enables the usefulness of a developing brain.  The economy is what assists us in accomplishing all of this and so that all of us contribute to further development of the economy.


The economy exists for all of us.  Yet as we get involved within it on a daily basis we begin to think that we exist for the economy. 


We are more than jobholders, job seekers or collectively mere numbers of unemployed or numbers of employed.  Companies and corporations are “man-made” legal vehicles that hold together our innovative devices for producing the fuel, the items and services of economies.


Within this concept, the excessive rich and those maintaining their riches by not returning to humanity what has been made possible by being who we are, all of us collectively, they may be viewed as living within an artificially sustained state of iniquity and not to be envied or admired for their accumulations.


If they should be admired it should not be for what they leave to their immediate grandchildren as a justification of their greed but as to what they have contributed during their lifetime to all of the grandchildren of all civilizations within the world, the real rational purpose of humanity as it has evolved.


We join in those injustices when we permit the continued forming of rules that work against our humanity, that operate in providing healthcare and better healthcare to those with wealth while denying it to the lesser well-off members in our societies, those members once precious at conception and lovingly developing while within the womb. 

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