Most people seek a place to work in order to earn a living and if they find a good place to work with a reasonable salary and benefits they would remain perhaps until retirement. 


In the past we referred to these situations as ”jobs.”  For various economic reasons these situations are becoming scarce and more and more people are trying to find other ways of “earning a living.”


If we are going to be looking into the future, with the fast movement of change, we perhaps shouldn’t try to foresee what things could be like for more than one decade at time.  So what can we expect that “earning a living” might be like?


Innovative people it appears are already finding ways of working out of their homes or developing self-employment type of work rather than seeking harder to find factory work. 


If this trend continues to expand, we shall have more and more smaller businesses along side the reducing number of large businesses.  Will this produce more of a humanizing effect in the work place?


We have already moved from one breadwinner in the family to more than one, so small independent businesses are bringing more changes into the matter of “earning a living.”  Can more time be spent working away from the office?


Will the emphases be more on earning a living rather than on getting or holding a job?  What about pensions?  How do we pay into Social Security and health care?


Will we be working later into what was considered to be old age and will retirement still be an option?


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