The general trend in nature it seems is that we not eat members of our own species.  But all others are fair game.  There seems to be a hardened cruelty in this, in its observation and especially when one is the one being eaten.


Human beings are able to take action and seem to have organized against actual eating of each other but seem to carry on the cruelty of nature in other ways, sometimes perhaps more cruel than nature itself.


Our intentions as well as our actions are obvious and their avoidance noted and comprised within our religions.  We are commanded not to kill but not cautioned against war.  We are cautioned against overt stealing but in the modern world stealing is not readily defined or transparently blatant.  It is accepted as the business of everyday life without need for forgiveness.


The honoring of mothers and fathers has been set a side for special days.  Loving one’s neighbor boils down to respecting the walls between them or keeping one’s dogs on one’s side.


However, in the knowledge of thousands of years of  history, we seem to have generally advanced, sometimes the public showing reluctant shame in observing and judging the excessive actions of others. The trend seems upword.


But not eating one’s own does not seem to be much of an accomplishment for most species do not eat their own nor do they have our intellect.  

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