Evolutionary theories attempt to understand what motivates nature.


Cancer is the enemy of medical research.


Most people in Congress wear expensive clothing. 


At what point do $200 neckties or scarfs make ordinary Congressmen extraordinarily wise?


Given their choice, politicians prefer movement of hair to the front of the head rather than transplanting to the back.  Would this be true of their intellect.


Talking about hair, many older men with scarce steely hair prefer the color pink-orange.  Trump is an exception.


Many astronomers are busy measuring the size of space, while others are asking what its purpose is.  


Many who enjoy firecrackers regret not being here at the time of the Big Bang.


Why do ants with small intellects easily go to war?  Why do human beings with more significant intellects incorporate the same reasoning?  


Automated telephones seem to present us with only one answer out of two, usually yes or no by pressing 1 or 2.  


High tech makes it possible for electric switches to do our thinking.  How do these technical accomplishments affect professional politicians and the public school systems?


Which one should we eliminate?  Press 1 or 2.

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