Its lessor goals have been often expressed.  They amount to these simple commandments:


1.  Be gentle, be kind, be aware of feelings, be helpful, be attentive and caring.


2.  Love neighbors, siblings, fathers and mothers and children and remain aware of the needs of the needy. 


Avoid war by actively working at peace.  This is our humanity.





Let’s begin anew starting today.  Let’s all of us as individuals of the world proclaim that we are against governments that murder.   Let’s organize ourselves in that proclamation.  Let’s proclaim peace in Syria as a new reality of our humanity


Modern communications can bring that message to the leaders in Syria.  The leaders must show their humanity as must the rebels or all of their names should be publicized individually for history to read as enemies of all humanity and they should therefore be denied humanity’s benefits. 


These words will be considered naive within the perceived realities of today, but it is one step before war or one step against it.  Going to war while being against it has always been a human insanity. 


It is necessary to organize against the murdering government of Syria yet not in the form of war.  Wars are not won but ended by the side with most might.  The revolutionists believe that they are right but often proven wrong.  Might does not make right.


Ultimately murders within the government will lose.  They have nothing to gain.  If government leaders at all levels surrender now, they should, of course be treated under the rules and goals of humanity.  Under present conditions where there is no compassion they are all dead.  The rebels, those engaged in war should also operate under the same rules.


Those giving aid to that government under any condition should consider themselves also as contributors to this anti-humanity activity as the rest of the world will view them as anti-humanists.  


But the Russians will remain hard headed.  They have guilty feelings about us, they even sold part of the their country, Alaska to us.  How do we deal with that?  But we must.


The rebels are not excused their killings either.  Killing is not the route toward humanity improvement.


We in America should seriously consider that killing, supporting one side or another is not that path.  Revolution is all part of existing conditions and succeeds in maintaining the conditions it attempts to dissolve. 


War is the opposite of humanity and as a constant process works side by side with our advances attempting to defeat all our accumulated improvements, tending to break down our civilization but without long time success against our humanity. 

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