The Syrian civil war situation. 


If the rest of the world would keep its hands off, it would remain a civil war.  But those in revolution against their own governments find it necessary to seek outside help.  In so doing in today’s world situation of complicated political and economic alliances, a civil war in one country becomes a global situation affecting other nations.


In the area of Syria itself, we have Iran and Israel ready to go war with each other and even with the supporters of their opposition.  The crisis itself extends to the other side of the world as far as to China.  In their interest, the Chinese will deal somewhat with the United States but more likely to side with Russia. 


As to location, Russia is the country between China and Europe.  The Pacific Ocean separates China from the United States.


Therefore, in the world situation where the Syrian government receives military and even economic aid from Russia, China will side with Russia.  Russia sees some interest in maintaining its ties with Iran and is far from friendly with Israel an ally of the United States.  


Any international political proposal made by the United States shall be opposed first of all by Russia, of course seconded by Iran and quietly seconded by China.  These three countries are not on the side of the revolutionist in Syria nor too keen, to say the least with the United States or its intervention efforts in Syria.


Any intervention in Syria by the United States will go up against these three.  At this time, intervention by the United States should remain through the UN and other international organizations.   We should at this time be for a cease fire and protection for the rebels as we can not do more than that without risking the beginning of a third world war.


The only immediate solution in Syria is the death of its present leader.  He has determined that.  The rebels will have to figure out how to assist him.  A heart attack would be convenient.  Perhaps the rebels should focus more on that and less on actual street fighting.     


Meanwhile the United States cannot intervene militarily.  We can only go all out for humanitarian treatment of Syrian people, seeking the force of world sentiment.


This time Japan and Germany  would be on our side, Russia and China would not.


This is the way I see it.   


Yours truly,

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