If a problem is not viewed in depth and in a manner that is not aimed at arriving at a fully unbiased understanding and without predetermination, we are likely to come up with false conclusions. 


Professional politicians (PPs) especially are likely to view a problem more toward its desired solution without fully understanding the truth.  They are therefore, in justification of their superficially derived truth, more likely to accept it than any more studied conclusion.


This has usually been the case when science has produced new realities.   PP’s (professional politicians) in so-called representative democracies find it difficult as to which side to take that of their own beliefs set against those held by the majority of their constituents.  History shows a tendency toward the former, of course ignoring more studied or scientific approaches to the truth.


Therefore, false perspectives tend to operate toward superficial truths.  Once PP’s grow comfortably into an environment of superficial truths they even dare create their own facts, their own superficial truths.  It is difficult under these circumstances to conduct any real form of representative and democratic government.


I believe that we are already at this state and no one dares to sound off the alarm.  Can anyone prove to me that we live in a true or reasonably true democracy in this country?  I served this country in the interest of democracy over dictatorship. 


Today, I wonder if the service of my generation has any meaning, although referred to rather gingerly as the “greatest generation.” 


Our government has been placed in a position of becoming the function of the lobbyists owned by the moneyed class.  Politicians {PP’s} seemingly will forego their right to rule, forfeiting it to the ruling class rather than represent the interests of their constituents. 


We are more of an autocracy today than a democracy.  


But our false perspectives lead us to superficial truths, that fewer people voting makes for better government, that ignoring constituents’ needs and desires is in the over all interests of the nation and that supermajority voting by party in a dysfunctional House and in an archaic and obsolete Senate can still be called democracy.   


We have gradually accumulated and accepted superficial truths through the false perspective of time and within a period of my lifetime to believe that government, let alone democratic government is no longer necessary, therefore no need for taxes.  This is becoming a false truth.  Government is a necessary function of civilization.  One day we shall wake up and find good government has been replaced, that bad government has eluded us for no government. 


What are we going to do about it?   

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