It is true that the Natural God and the Law of Nature created all men equal and that it is self evident that each individual is meant to posses the natural right to life, liberty and the pursuit of happiness. 


Within these declared principles we note that no man has right over another especially during the time of declaration of independence.  Obviously slavery was a minor infraction and it was British government that created these unfounded and unnatural conditions; therefore it is self-evident that government is evil in itself and in all laws unnatural and not of a Natural God.


And all taxation even with representation is evil and contributing to the substance of government and to its evil activities, such as the conduct of war and imprisonment of men for breaking the laws of unnatural government.


Therefore, even representative government within a democracy is not acceptable for even “of the people, by the people and for the people” government is pourer of evil.  


It is self-evident that under present conditions that men should also have the right to bear arms and to form a militia.  A militia is a sort of natural organization of the Natural God opposing the evil of another government, perhaps consisting of the United States or even the individual States themselves?


We might begin extricating ourselves from this evil mess we’ve gotten into, while we can, perhaps first all by each State seceding from the Union, somewhat the way we separated ourselves from Britain by having a tea party.  That was a bang up party.


We certainly wouldn’t want to have a purifying Tea Party like that in our evil Congress today.  It’s self-evident that it wouldn’t be logical or natural or would it be? 


I’m sure we could come up with some natural principle for that as we did for counting a man born equal as 3/5 a person in the Constitution merely because he was pre-owned by another.  It all makes sense when one thinks clearly about it.   


Man! That was when logic was of Natural Law and when compromise was really compromise and not a bad word as it is today, especially for Tea Party thinking people. 

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