For hundreds of years civilization was contained and developed in the cities.  The social fuel of the nations that gave sustained life to these highly dense settlements only minimally seeped out into their hinterlands. 


Those located near the sea because of their naval situations were able to fuel foreign cultures and were fueled more by them than by the lessor settlements spread throughout their nations. 


About a century and a quarter ago, the seepage of city culture into the hinterland began to increase, mainly caused by the increasing technology of transportation and communications.


Although cities remain the central points of cultures, better spreading their influence throughout the nation today, they’ve also been able to intensify and augment their links with other world cities, further strengthening the features and elements of world civilization.


Beginning about at over a century ago, the developing influence of the steam engine made railroads and stream driven ships basic to what became known as modern transportation systems. Electric motors further contributed to new methods of manufacture, while the power of electricity increased the features of city life.


Telegraph, electric lines and telephone, soon followed by radio made communication among cities and their hinterland an easy everyday common occurrence.  Today, television and personal cell phones make communication instantaneous throughout the world.      


These technological developments have become basic to the world’s economic infrastructures and increased and accelerated the means by which the civilization of all cities spread throughout the world hinterland intermingling what have been until recently been separate and more isolated cultures.    


We are growing into what may now be becoming less of world isolated cultures into one of a general world civilization so that our humanity becomes more visible and a more real in its totality.  So that what was once only seen in other parts of world can now be experienced in smallest settlements every where.


In a short period of over a century or so culminating our thousands of years of history where all lands except our own where concerned foreign, we are seeing the early signs of a developing world civilization, the world and humanity becoming one. 

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