Evolution is a word that describes many of our natural processes, from those found in outer space to changing series of actions both deep within our planet as well as on its surface.


Individual human beings change in a course of a lifetime.  Societies have built within them modifying forces.


What energizes these evolutionary forces?  What laws of nature do they obey?  What drives the evolutionary wind or forces of change?  Change it seems is a basic element of nature.  We live with change everyday of our lives without giving recognition to its characteristics.


Evolution is change.  Change is evolution, yet some fight the meaning of the word, its reality, its very existence, when we are daily immersed in everything changing.  As Galileo agreed in witness that the earth did not move, yet he said in reality, “it still moves.”


All appears steady, yet our world is one of motion.  Our workplace over time either becomes work places, one that is changing or perhaps one in its late stages.  Our society and our economy are in constant flux yet we would superimpose a type of firmness on these systems.  Some politicians advocate returning to some past appearing steadiness.


Yet even past truths lose their apparent realities within changing times. The ideal of being born equal loses its religious meaning within a developing anti-social economic system.   A so-called political economic scientist that I believe to have been, I would use that change toward the equality we once held religiously.


For all my new acquired knowledge still moves me with hope toward a new ascending belief of equality, toward a new liberty in an every changing world.

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