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The Senate has during this administration not only fully proved its dysfunctional affect in our democratic system of government but its complete uselessness and perhaps a sustained hindrance to a functioning democracy.


Its establishment as a compromise in the framing of the constitution has no practical foundation or justification in the 21st century.  I’ve seen no reasonable justification of this chamber in modern times by any of its defendants.  The question now remains, how to disband such a significant element of the Constitution?  Can anyone justify its purpose in today’s thinking about democracy even within today's American culture?


On the other hand, Gerrymandering operates against appropriate democratic representation in our House of Representation.  This chamber and the way it's formed through present election procedures needs serious consideration and perfecting.  A more perfect method for creating districts of representation needs to be developed.


Perhaps I can write up some prescriptive suggestions to these problems of our democracy in future blogs.

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