Its more than jobs, perhaps the kind of jobs.


Is it a question of what comes first in a viable capitalist economy, high employment, i.e. jobs or high volume spending?  It appears when a major portion of the American people have steady incomes, they buy what is considered to be consumer goods and the capital in capitalism goes into production of these things right here in America.


A great deal of the consumer things that we buy, however are no longer produced only in America, so that an increase in spending is not the economic stimulus it used be as when we produced most of those things here. 


Therefore, the stimulus that increases consumer spending that economist once believed would fire up the economy no longer has the fueling power it once might have had.


Much of the money spent on infrastructure that added to the economic fuel also leaks out to other countries and adds less to spending that remains in this country than it used to.  


Even the impetus that social spending usually has on the economy and that initially lessened the effect of recession leaks out as money is spent on goods and services that come from abroad.


Our economy is no longer self-contained and the solutions that once may have applied no longer work as well.  Our social economic spending must be aimed at fueling what tends to remain here if we are to accelerate the growth of our economy.


Money spent on the education of our of children tends to remain here and instead of becoming more frugal when it comes to education, we should be more generous.  Education should be one of our highest quality products.


Instead of the works projects (WPA) we initiated during the great depression to put money into circulation in order to stimulate demand and therefore increase production, we should subsidize students at all levels as they increase their education. 


This is a form of economic fueling that does not tend to leak out into other countries. The immediate effects of spending tend to be felt here and the long terms effects are the returns from our investments here where they count.


Another place to put our investment capital is into long lasting infrastructure development, where unlike education investment, more of it will leak out but a good portion will remain here and we will also keep the long lasting use of it and the economic effects of the infrastructure itself for many years to come.  


As more spending money that tends to remain here increases, we should encourage more spending in new housing and In home rehabilitation, spending that tends to remain here.


We should aim to improve quality of the goods and services that we produce in order to attract businesses from abroad and be able to better pay our workers while also attracting more sales here and increasing purchases from abroad.


These proposals may not be unlike those made by others and perhaps not in better forms, however, we must not forget their significances and add to their function.


Should others have better ideas, those also should be placed in our economy-fueling pot.  These are not America First proposals but for a better American economy.

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