Today’s communication technology gives us good insight in what is going on inside of governments.  What were merely overlooked in the past, perhaps for the lack of focus, today become significant news items.


We know daily what is taking place, in our national government especially.  And one is tempted to say “and we don’t like it.”


It seems that what is missing in the political activity of the day is a sort of “universality,” a depth of philosophical understanding of the world and of our humanity within it.


Instead politicians take into office with them old blankets of ignorant outdated if not unfounded notions.  And stick to these faded concepts religiously as though they were God given truths. 


They also find themselves in a power kettle fueled by money interests represented by hundreds, if not thousand of professional influence peddlers, lackeys of the rich, who seem to move into the brain chambers of politicians where thought it appears once resided and where it should seem to want to remain.


From promises before being elected, the electorate would expect only wisdom and deeply thought out programs.  We now find the newly elected so positioned that they must follow the anciently installed paths that require obedience to non-functioning processes.


Their need to prepare for an election fund for the up-coming election as long term presence results in more power and their surrounding environment of moneyed enticing lobbyists places them in a situation of practicality over conscientious constituency related efforts.    

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