Born equal but into widely varying income classes.


The two party system made up generally of low social-oriented non-intellectuals was not perceived by the framers of our Constitution, nor was the moneyed class lobbying system which assures that the principle of all-born-equal is hardly in operation within our democracy and in all practicalities prevented from operating toward that esteemed claim. 


Most members of one of the parties have chosen to become the lackeys and paid pawns of the rich.  The members of the other of these parties appear to be standing by, seemingly asking, “what’s going on”, in a comparable rather dumb condition and also with a dearth of social intellect significantly and obligated to lobbyist representing the interest of the rich.


In a sense what appears to be a two-party system, in fact politically functions toward one general goal that of making the wealthiest classes wealthier and denigrating the social objectives of a modern democracy that theoretically is to work in the general interest and toward “greater equality for all.”


A lot is said about a declining middle class and generally the reference is in relation to an economic middle, today measured in incomes of about $200,000 per income earner to about a Million Dollars per earner or a class range centered at about             $300-350,000 per household. 


There’s another class between middle and the excessively rich, so-called rich class, earning as much as $20 million, centered at a range of $15-20 million per household, then the excessively wealthy classes earning even many millions more.


In the other direction we have the lower middle class of about $90,000 per earner to $200,000.  Then the “upper lower class” of about $50,000 to $90,000 per household, and the middle lower class at the highest at about $50,000 per family or household.


The lower lower class in the range is centered at about a $20,000 figure.


Then we have those in poverty.  What would the poverty range be?


These ranges presented here, an attempt at some idea of class structure today, although not official or generally accepted by economists, gives us the wide ranges and demonstrate the difficulty in establishing economic classes that give use reasonable ideas of whom we are speaking when we talk in generalities about the excessively rich in relation to the working poor and those in poverty.


The great expanded distances today between lower and upper class ranges makes it difficult and almost useless to maintain the old classifications economists used before the 1950’s such as the poor, the middle class and rich.  My classifications cannot be easily grouped into dollar ranges within the old three-class structure.  What would be the lower and upper level of each range? 


Three things are certain, the upper range is getting richer and more are getting into it.  The middle range is getting slimmer and the longer range increasing in population. The fourth, if it can be called and income class is made up of those in poverty and that range has been expanding quite rapidly over the past 5 years.

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