Truth and point of view.  


I’d written and found in the many notes that I’ve jotted down over the years that “the way a problem is defined is usually the way to the solution.”  Today I would say that one’s perspective has more to do with solutions than what one would refer to as merely objective analysis.


As a political economist, as what I really believe my professional life and my philosophic interests have made me, I’ve come to acknowledge that human thought is developed more through an evolving perspective, at least in my case, the manner in which one views life rather than what is often referred to as objective logic, although the view may be based on objective logic.


I would not place by thinking level at that of Albert Einstein’s, of course, but I want to say that he is an outstanding example of my “perspective” theory.  And that is true of many scientists, not that their thinking is based on emotion but based on a view or varying views of “reality.”


These views or perspectives lead to various questions and the manner in which they are asked, the way a problem is viewed or defined leads to the answer, different perspectives different solutions.


A political science example:  in the United States both political parties hold the Constitution as their common base.  We are guided by the political truth it holds but from almost direct opposite perspectives produce and hold differences in solutions. 


It is amazing that each party draws to itself members with similar and often identical beliefs and answers to so many different issues. Why would a group basically expounding freedom of the market place also call for government prohibition of abortion?


Meanwhile the opposing party calls for extensive regulation of the market place and the freedom of women to engage in their own birth control affairs.  One issue is economic the other religious.  These are two issues very far apart in substance both stand in strenuous opposition.  Similar opposition could almost be shown within any political issue the parties face.


Opposing theories do not generate the heat in science that they do in politics and the heat is not as transparent, as the perspectives are related less to emotional and personal matters, seemingly producing more logical and less emotional answers.


I’ve perhaps only re-opened what I believe to be the importance of “perspective” in analyzing and producing solutions to problems in this short discussion. 


The subject has perhaps come up many times before, as I found it raised in some of my old notes but this reminder my get others as well as myself to refresh the notion that truth is not an absolute, it too seems to be in evolution.  It is being discovered and shaped as to the attained knowledge that we hold at a particular time and according to the best formed of educated views based on that knowledge.   

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