What is it?


Children move from complete dependence to transitional periods of semi-independence, some of the most difficult periods of early life, especially in societies where certain “stages of independency” are scheduled.


Elderly, on the other hand move from highest degrees of independency that they have experienced as adults to some apparent loss of independence and movement toward dependency either on a gradual scale or on sudden and unannounced basis.


Independence is essential to the normally functioning human being and to satisfying individual human needs.  Although we can classify needs and wants generally when it comes down to it, it is the individual who gives importance and separateness to individual aspects of independence.


 A daughter taking away certain responsibilities engrossed in her love of a parent by placing him in a home that cares for elderly also removes a significant independence once held by that parent.   This service in balanced off by a removal of some independence essential to normally functioning human beings.


People who lose their jobs and people unable to find the work that they want, usually do not hold feelings of independence as do all people generally who are unable to economically sustain themselves.


Liberty means independence.   It means freedom to exercise one’s independence.  No one seems to be fully independent, that is, dependent only on oneself.  Normally functioning humans although seeking full independence cannot be fully independent.


Being rich is not being fully independent from everyone else.  It may seem to accomplish that type of independence.  Certain possessions and being able to do what few people can do may be a display of special privileged independence, but the need to display is in itself a dependency.  


Independence is a matter of type and degree and during certain stages of life.  But independence is a type human happiness distributed during various means during various stages of life within certain social and economic classes.  Independence is not constant nor is it certain.    

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