These come from already being “on top of the hill.”


In today’s world even civil disorder becomes potential for war and usually involving more than one nation.


That a dictator’s desire for power and dominance over one’s own people would cause him to use killing chemicals to maintain that power may appear beyond practical reality but we’ve observed that the need for power throughout history has made men mad. 


Rather than engage in missions that result in injuries and killing of innocent civilians, it would appear that the killer dictator should personally become the target.   But no agency as high as the United Nations however can issue a warrant for his arrest and go after him for his killings. 


Usually killers who resist arrest are themselves killed?  There should be no dispute, that people in power who kill their own people to remain in power are murderers and should be treated as such and be given no special continuing privileges to kill.


The Chinese and the Russians are hard put to explain their position in the United Nations as to their stand on Syria.  Would the leaders of these countries gas and kill their own people to remain in power?  Let’s keep that answer our own personal one.


 Why do we want to become better buddies with them?  Trade?  What good is it doing us?  Perhaps more of us should call for less trade with countries that approve of killing their own people? 


Both these countries have pretty good histories in the rights that they give their own people, even today.  So standing by and watching the killing is not too difficult for these representing themselves in the United Nations. 


Perhaps there would be some “diplomatic injury” in bringing these thoughts out into more public airing.  But I’m sure that only a few read these words and of course we must consider the level of their source.   

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