Killing of children is the question. 

 It is too bad that President Barak Obama raised the question of world morality when drawing the line on use of "life killing-chemicals" by the leader of a nation against his own people.  For now the question becomes, “ is this dictator to be allowed to continue to kill his own people, chemicals or not and if he’s to be stopped, how shall it be done?


The immorality existed before the American president pointed to it as such.  Russian and Chinese leaders and some leaders of other countries do not seem to give it the same importance.  They challenge President Obama’s interest in these disputed events.


In the United States and in many countries, we seem almost generally agreed on stopping Assad but who should stop him and how is he to be stopped is the question remaining and awaiting an answer?  But why does the answer involve the United State and why especially President Obama?  


Neither the Russians nor the Chinese can be expected to side in with the American president on any significant issues and in this foreign policy event neither can the Republicans and even some Democrats in the United States.


The United Nations can make its appearances on stage and do its dances but it’s powerless to recommend or take action so it will take no action.


Many nations got involved in stopping immoral dictators during the Second World War and many acts of immorality were committed during that war and in its ending.  It appears that immorality requires countervailing acts of immorality to combat it. 


So the answer seems to be to find the simplest and the “least immoral act” that will eliminate the dictator who will not eliminate himself.  Anything less will find no justification in heaven for the immoralities to come.  How to eliminate the dictator is the question for all of us to answer. 


Two atomic bombs and thousands burned to death won’t do it this time.   However, neither will the mere bombing of the drawbridge of the “dictator’s castle.”  The whole castle must go drawbridge and all.   No action, some action or significant action becomes a choice of one of the “immoralities.”


How would you, the reader make this decision?  Unlike the President of the United States, you are not obliged to.

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