Advancing humannity. 

Both China and Russia have benefitted from the existence of the United States as the leading nation in the world since the Second World War.  Both countries would not be where they are today as prospering and important societies if it hadn’t been for there association with the United States since the 1930’s.


Rather than being appreciative of our contribution to their improved way of life, they are resentful, which is psychologically a rather normal reaction.  But it must be pointed out that neither of them is going to take over the moral leadership of the world, at least, not at this time. 


It is in their best interests that they cooperate with the United State, in this period of history and in working toward the advancement of “mankind.”  We are fortunate to have a man with the moral intellect of Barack Obama as president of the United States at this time, to assist the rest of the world in our universal advancement.


However, political stupidity both in China and Russia and in the United States by the opposing party and for different reasons has prevented us from making great advances and improving the human condition.  Obama has 3 years left as president of the leading country of the world and the world should take advantage of his remaining time in that position.


Although the United States has exhibited great stupidity both as a society and in its political processes, it has remained, even if a bugling giant, one to offer great hope not only to its own people but the rest of the world.


Democrats and Republicans must recognize that Americans are more than the greedy ambitions of individual politicians.  Their dreams of “equality,” that perhaps will forever remain only dreams, that it is in these dreams and many others that emanate from these grand notions that we bring hope and move toward the continued improvement of humanity.


Come on now, Russian and Chinese politicians, politicians in America, and especially tea party types and pompous unimaginative “conservatives, blind of the human improving notions that created this country and inspire intellects all over the world, even today, wake up and brighten up and in this country lets start by driving the money changers out of the temple, out of our government in Washington D.C.


Let’s get on with the dreams of the founders of “America” and development of the country that leads the world with the spirit of hope and the dream of a better future for mankind.  Russians, Chinese and the followers of the various religions of the world, let’s unite and join in this movement of human and world hope.

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