"But the poor shall alway be with us." 

All are born equal, with equal resources to survive?  Born with equal I.Q.s?  Born with equal status in society?  Born with equal rights?


Do all people in poverty give birth to children equally in poverty?   Are they equal to those who need not concern themselves with student loans?


Is democracy formed on a sound basis of equality?  Is equality being expressed in our democracy?  Does the increasing disparity between those being born to the excessively rich and those in extreme poverty prove the truth of “being born equal?”


Is there a minimal wage established for surviving in an advanced society such as ours and are all those born in poverty in situations where a minimal wage can be earned even when most “job creators” have the opportunity to move off shore where less than equally born people work at less than minimal wages than in most countries?


How could the notion of “born equal” be accepted by those who believe that the poor shall always be with us, that the growing discrepancy between those of minimum income and that of the excessive rich is the appropriate way that those “born equal” should share the commonly owned resources, use of the social infrastructure and resulting cumulative production of the people of this country?


Are we really born equal, do we share nationally and commonly owned resources, do we share reasonably the benefits of our socially created and socially owned infrastructure and do we seek ways of bringing some of that “equality” rising toward the excessively rich down toward the excessively poor members of our nation, a society seeking a more perfect union and a greater serving democracy?    

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