And the poor.


Pope Francis reminds us that human beings, organized as churches or other agencies of society must not forget the poor and that love underlies everything in our path toward improving humanity or put another way, entering the kingdom of heaven.


It appears that loving the poor has something to do with entering the kingdom of heaven.  The poor shall always be with us and in loving and caring for the poor we shall enter that kingdom.  We might discover that that kingdom is here on earth.  The poor shall always be with us, here on earth and God’s kingdom may not be far off. 


We approach the kingdom by involving ourselves with the poor.  Jesus said the rich man has less likelihood of entering the kingdom of heaven than a camel has entering and going through the eye of a needle. 


All of us are sinners and to follow Jesus into the kingdom of God, the rich man has to rid himself of his riches, perhaps by loving and aiding the poor.


A kingdom is made up of many people.  It is a society with rules.  Those rules must then be created with love and the results of all of us living together in society, our services and our produce must with generosity and love of our fellow human beings must be shared and especially shared with the poor if we are to enter the kingdom.  (I would say, improve humanity).


Our government made up of people, most of whom are members of churches who believe in the word of God, must today be reminded by Pope Francis, another human being but spiritual leader, not to forget the poor and also to remember the analogy of the “eye of the needle.”  This is my humble reading.

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